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   Training Centers conduct integrated vocational training, retraining and professional development of guard and detective agencies personnel and citizens on matters connected with protection of both individual and business.

   Educational activities is carried out in accordance with the Laws of the Russian Federation, namely the Law “On Private Detective and Guardian Activity in the Russian Federation” and the Law “On Education”.

  The training is organized on the basis of united and exclusive programs.

Currently the Group of Centers “ALFA-PRESTIGE” contains several non-governmental organizations:
  Training Centre ALFA-METAL, Gabrovo, 2006
  Training Centre PRESTIGE, Moscow, 1995
  Training Centre ALFA-PRESTIGE, Moscow, 1998
  Centre on Studying of Security Issues, Vladivostok, 1996
  Training Centre START-A, Moscow, 2004
The Training Centre “PRESTIGE”, as an independent legal entity, is a member of the Association “Union of Independent Services for Assistance to Commercial Security” (SSB)
and is one of the Companies of the GROUP OF COMPANIES “GRANT-VYMPEL”
The Group of Centers “ALFA-PRESTIGE” co-operates closely with the All-Russian Association of Detectives in Russia.
Since February 2005 the Training Centre “ALFA-PRESTIGE” has been the member of “Association of Organizations of Non-governmental Security System in Moscow ”

We always remember that your welfare, your prestige and stability in the guardian service market, your kind relations with the clients are based on the quality of training as well as the staff professionalism. Such is the course taken by the Centers in their activity.

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